Gyilkos ösztönök - Chris Hansennel (Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen) sorozat

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“Who, what, where, why and when?” are the essential questions at the heart of every homicide investigation – for detectives but also for journalists chasing the 360-degree story. Investigative correspondent Chris Hansen knows the routine all too well, having won eight Emmy awards for investigative reporting, outstanding coverage of a news story and outstanding coverage of breaking news. Now, in Investigation Discovery’s all-new newsmagazine KILLER INSTINCT WITH CHRIS HANSEN, he brings his unrivalled journalistic skills and criminal insight to an enthralling new series, digging deep into the depths of a killer’s mind and bringing life to some of America’s most chilling and heart-wrenching homicide cases.

imdb link link Időtartam 60 perc Megjelenés éve 2015

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